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Welcome to WebPageProductions, Lake County Illinois's leader in web site development, web site hosting, custom email, ecommerce web sites / online shopping, maintenance and marketing of web based applications for the business community.

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@ WebPageProductions, we are not concerned with building you a web application just so you can tell your friends that you have a cool website. Rather, we focus on utilizing the power of the Internet to generate more business for you and your company. After all, when you invest time, money and energy into your business - you want results, or in other words, a return on your investment.

Business is War, and in the 21st century there is a whole new set of weapons available to your business. Ignoring the power of the Internet when doing business in this day and age, is like choosing a Horse over a Tank when going to battle.

Our team of professionals will carefully study and analyze the specific needs of your business, and tailor a strategy to meet these needs according to your budget.

Web Design has drastically changed in the past five years. From simple text in the early specifications of HTML to streaming multi-media, complete with video and audio, and even client-side applications written in languages such as Java or JavaScript.

Unfortunately, most companies that you might hire to build your website will skip the most important steps in helping your company to increase business through the Internet:

. Analyze Needs
. Define Goals
. Implement Strategy

The main problem with most Web designers (especially the good ones), is that they look at things from an artistic point of view. They are more concerned with matching color schemes and adding bells and whistles than with building an efficient, practical site.

If you study the web sites that really stroke gold on the Internet, such as Yahoo! and eBay, you will notice that the design they used is quite primitive. No Java applets, no Flash animations, no bells, no whistles. On the other hand, these web sites are extremely simple for the end-user, and are very efficient.

We take a lot of pride in the work we do to ensure that the web site is easy to use, efficient and optimized for Internet marketing, while maintaining an innovative design that reflects good taste and professionalism on your business.

Our services are World Wide but within arms reach of everyone Lake County Illinois, Wisconsin and the following cities: Antioch, Barrington, Buffalo Grove, Lake Forest, Grayslake, Highland Park, Kenosha, Lake Bluff, Libertyville, North Chicago, Pleasant Prairie, Racine, Vernon Hills, Wadsworth, Waukegan, Zion and other cities in the area.

Often more times than not we can have our clients online the same week they contact us, please feel free to call or email with further questions...


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